Gemological Laboratory of international standards

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About us

About the company

Laboratory “EG-Labs”was established in the early 2000s and for a short period of time reached a high level in providing gemological services despite intense competition. The work of the company is based on internationally accepted Gemological standards using such laboratories asGIA, HRD, IGI, GRS. Our laboratory has been cooperating with the diamond exchanges around the world. It specializes in making appraisals of diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry. The target area of the laboratory is the distribution to the European countries.

Documents issued by the EG-Labs has high reputation and widespread in the market of precious stones. Gemological expert examination in the laboratory is done by several stages, starting from the acceptance and diagnostics of the stone till marking its gemological characteristics. Our employees are highly qualified gemological experts from leading universities, who have years of experience in working with precious stones. The main advantage of the EG-Labs among the others is the rapid delivery of services, visible and descriptive assessment procedure.

Oftentimes these are the most important indicators for customers. In addition, the laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment, that allows the gemological experts to produce an accurately diagnostic of gems and give a gemological evaluation. Convenience and customer trust are the main principles of the laboratory “Experts Gemological Laboratories”.